Peachtree City prepares for 1,329 new residences

A new map detailing the emerging landscape known as Wilksmoor Village on Peachtree City’s northwest side has been provided by the city’s planning department. The map gives a breakdown of both new and existing subdivisions and the route of the MacDuff Parkway extension and the link to North Kedron Drive at Ga. Highway 74.

The three subdivisions approved for construction total 1,329 units. Existing subdivisions, including one apartment complex, have a total of 1,454 units. In total, Wilksmoor — the city’s newest village — will eventually have 2,783 units.

[The pdf file of the full-size map is available for download at the bottom of this story.]

To date, there is one way to access the existing south side of Wilksmoor, that being MacDuff Parkway at Ga. Highway 54 West. Once constructed, a second point of access will be at North Kedron Drive along Ga. Highway 74 after MacDuff Parkway is extended to connect to Kedron Drive and a bridge is constructed over the CSX Railroad tracks adjacent to Senoia Road.

Approved but not yet under construction are three new subdivisions on the north side of Wilksmoor Village. Those include:

• Cresswind subdivision (Kolter Homes) with 650 age-restricted units for persons 55 and up.

• Everton subdivision (Wieland Homes) with 204 age-targeted units that have no age restriction.

• Legacy subdivision (Wieland Homes) with 475 units.

Potential plans call for a tunnel under the parkway situated a short distance from the existing north side of MacDuff.

Also situated in Wilksmoor Village, and located in the area adjacent to and on the west side of the CSX Railroad line is approximately 13 areas of industrial-zoned property. One of those tracts, of approximately 6.4 acres, is being proposed as the site of Massana Construction. The Massana property is located adjacent and to the south of the MacDuff Parkway extension while a tract of similar size is located immediately north of the future parkway.

The existing parkway is approximately one mile in length and ends at the Chadsworth and Centennial subdivisions. Once complete, MacDuff Parkway will extend approximately three miles.

The developers of Cresswind and Everton were given recent City Council approval to have up to 100 certificates of occupancy each before the parkway and bridge over the CSX line are completed.

That might be easier to accomplish for Overton since the south side of the subdivision is close to the current ending point of the parkway. But that is not the case for Cresswind which is situated further to the north.

Once the parkway and bridge permits are in-hand, developers have 14 months to complete the two projects along with the installation of water and sewer lines.

Senior Planner David Rast said Brent Scarbrough and Company is expected to grade and construct the MacDuff Parkway extension. City engineering staff is currently reviewing the parkway construction plans, Rast said.

Pertaining to the railroad bridge immediately to the west of Senoia Road, Rast said CSX has been in possession of the bridge plans for more than a year. He said discussions with CSX are underway to finalize the details for the bridge. It is not immediately known how much time will be required for CSX to give final approval of the bridge project.

There is also an issue with a small section of land consisting of less than an acre on the east side of Senoia Road in the vicinity of Kedron Drive. City attorney Ted Meeker said though the city owns the property, there is some potential for litigation on the issue due to discrepancies relating to the former owner of the property.

Wilksmoor is the city’s sixth village, according to the official city map. The others are Aberdeen, Glenloch, Braelinn, Kedron and the city’s industrial park.

There are a number of existing residential developments on the south side of Wilksmoor. Those include:

• Centennial subdivision with 350 units.

• Camden apartments with 399 units.

• Chadsworth subdivision with 86 units.

• Wynnmeade subdivision with 401 units.

• Cedarcroft subdivision with 218 units.

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